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Missed Call Text Back AI Assistant

Are you missing out on potential sales because you can’t answer every call? Business owners spend a fortune on generating leads, only to see ‘Ready to Buy’ customers slip through their fingers when calls go unanswered. This isn’t intentional; it’s just the reality of managing a busy business.
When a customer calls and doesn’t get an immediate response, they often move on to the next available option. In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect instant communication, and missing their call can mean losing their business to a competitor.
Traditionally, the solution was to hire more staff to handle the increased call volume, but this is both expensive and inefficient. Even with additional staff, it’s impossible to catch every call during peak times.
Introducing our Missed Call Text Back AI Assistant. This innovative service ensures that no call goes unanswered. Whenever a call is missed, our AI Assistant immediately sends a personalized text message to the caller, acknowledging their attempt to reach out and offering assistance. This instant response keeps the lead engaged, significantly increasing the chances of converting them into a sale.
With Missed Call Text Back, business owners can ensure that every potential customer feels valued and attended to, regardless of how busy they are. The result? Higher lead conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and more sales on the board. Don’t let missed calls turn into missed opportunities. Embrace the future of customer communication with the Missed Call Text Back AI Assistant.

Out Of Hours AI Assistant

Do you get leads that come in overnight, that end up freezing cold by morning?
When businesses ‘shut up shop’ for the day or wind down for the weekend, that’s when a bunch of new inquiries will flood in. Most businesses can’t believe their bad luck.
They’ve been available all day but it’s only once they switch the lights off, that everyone wants to get in touch. But, it actually makes a lot of sense. Our ideal customers are unlikely to be browsing their phones, clicking on ads or filling in web enquiry forms in the middle of their day. They are at work.
It’s only once they clock off for the day/week, that they’ll work through their personal To-Do list and have the time to reach out. The problem is, these new out-of-hours leads aren’t dialled until the next day (longer if it’s the weekend). But by then, these customers are back at work too and unable to answer. It’s a vicious cycle.
Now, with the help of an ‘Out of Hours’ AI Assistant businesses can contact every new lead that comes in, regardless of the time or day.
This Assistant solves out-of-hours contact issues for good by having a back and forth conversation with each new lead over SMS. It warms up prospects and books qualified customers directly into the calendar as appointments, ready to be closed during normal office hours.

Speed to Lead AI Assistant

Are you losing sales to competitors who are faster at picking up the phone? Every week business owners pay for expensive leads, only to drop ‘Ready to Buy’ customers into the lap of their competition. It’s unintentional. Unavoidable even.
It’s just what happens when a customer reaches out only to hit an answering machine or have their inquiry added to a pile of others. These customers won’t think twice about trying again with the business down the road.
Before now, the only way to stop the loss of good-quality prospects was to hire more expensive sales staff. But even then, if everyone is busy with other customers when a new lead comes in. They’re busy.
Now with our ‘Speed to Lead’ AI Assistant, business owners have an easy way to INSTANTLY make contact with potential new sales 24/7, no matter how busy they are. As a result, their lead to sale conversion has gone through the roof and they put more sales on the board.

Google Reviews AI Assistant

Business owners understand they need to get customer reviews to build trust and credibility. Yet, many don’t realise they ALSO need to respond to them to show customers their integrity as a business. First impressions count and people look at the smallest details to give them a glimpse of how they’ll be treated as a paying customer. They want to know:
Is this company attentive?
Do they value customer feedback?
How do they respond when something goes wrong?
Do they show interest in customers, even after they’ve paid?
When businesses show they are taking the time to respond to all their reviews, especially the negative ones. It answers all those questions in one fail swoop. The problem is, most businesses know this. But, they often don’t have the spare man-power to dedicate hours to this laborious task. That’s why we’ve built an AI Assistant that will do it for them.
This Assistant does such a good job at responding to all types of reviews in a human-like manner, that when we tried to ‘beat it’ we couldn’t respond as half as well, in double the amount of time.

Lead Reactivation AI Assistant

Business owners are sitting on a small fortune in old, unconverted leads. Problem is, they haven’t had the tools or the man-power to bring that cash to the surface. So instead, they live and die by the new leads that arrive in their business.
For most, striking that balance between lead quality and ROI feels like a painful see-saw. At any moment, a small change on one side sends the other side rocketing into the floor. Relying on this ‘one and done’ approach to sales has sent companies into financial ruin because the only way they can bring in more cash from sales, is to keep spending more and more on new leads. Yet another see-saw.
Now there’s a better way. Our Lead Reactivation AI Assistant grinds away in the background for businesses.
It strikes up a conversation with old leads, preps them for a sale and hands them over to a human to close. Business owners are pulling in $1000s in extra sales each week, from these buried assets.
The best part is there’s no costly ad spend or lead bills to pay to get any of these extra sales. The AI Assistant is pulling cash from leads that have already been paid for and given up on. Meaning business owners can finally get off the ‘Sales See-Saw’ and get the ROI they’ve longed for.

A demo is worth a thousand pictures.

That’s why before you do anything, we want you to experience AI in action. This demo gives a taster of how AI engages with customers in a conversational way and bears the brunt of repetitive tasks, so you and your team don’t have to. With AI freeing up valuable man-power and doing the work you’d “never get around to doing”, you can unlock new levels of Return On Investment whilst focusing on the things you enjoy..

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