DMO role in the visitor decision making process. Visitor Numbers v. Website traffic.

Below are my comments on this very informative article posted on PhocusWire authored by Smartvel.

These are all very important factors when it comes to building a visitor friendly website. The discrepancy between destination visitor numbers and DMO website visitors has always existed. It even precedes the web era as the number of visitors that actually had contact with or used the information provided by a DMO was similarly low when compared to the overall number of visitors. Destinations have always depended on factors outside their direct influence, like the general buzz created by media and other industry players and will continue to do even more so now that we live in the social web world.

What becomes more necessary for DMOs is to use digital tools beyond their website such as social media, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and also chatbots to present dynamic content and conversational marketing to the mix. Using these tools will soon become more widespread and essential for remaining an influential player in the global competition for visitors.